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Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate & Boost your sales with Instantio's Same Page Instant Checkout Process. Complete your Checkout in 10-15 Seconds!

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Hypno S from South Africa

I highly recommend this plugin. Having a slide-in WooCommerce one page checkout has to be the easiest way for customers to complete their purchase. I had some initial problems after installing, but the support was fast and friendly and committed to resolving it.

Checkout Instantly with Instantio's Unique WooCommerce Checkout system

With Instantio’s Instant Checkout Process, your customer will be able to skip the cart page and go directly to the checkout page. The Whole WooCommerce checkout process would take only 10-15 seconds. Yes, you heard it right! Only 10-15 Seconds!

Popup Cart

Popup cart comes up on click with cart summary, cart and checkout Button. The button leads to respective pages.

Side Cart

Side cart comes up on click with cart summary, cart and checkout Button. The button leads to respective pages.

Floating Button

Floating cart with Direct Checkout Button on click/hover. The button leads to the checkout page or any url you set.

Right to Left (RTL) / Arabic Checkout

Instant Checkout Process with option to enable RTL mode. Cart drawer can be opened from Left to Right Direction.

Side Cart + Side Checkout (Pro, Multi Step)

Customer will checkout from Same Window (Side drawer). The checkout process will be Multi-step (Cart -> Checkout, No Reload).

Side Cart + Side Checkout (Pro, Single Step)

The checkout process will be Single-step. Cart & Checkout will be shown on the Same Window, No Page Reload.

Popup Cart + Popup Checkout (Pro, Multi Step)

Customer will checkout from Same Window (Popup). The checkout process will be Multi-step (Cart -> Checkout)

Popup Cart + Popup Checkout (Pro, Single Step)

The checkout process will be Single-step Popup (Cart & Checkout on Same Window, No Page Reload).

More Version Coming Soon!

All You'll Ever Need for a Smooth WooCommerce Quick Checkout is Right Here

Instantio is super flexible & powerful. Each of the Demo Preview above can be combined with any of the options below.

Dedicated Mobile Layout

A dedicated mobile layout for smaller devices to make your checkout process much smoother for customers.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Ajax based Upsell feature in cart page & Cross sell feature in checkout page to boost your sales more.

Auto Increment

Ajax based auto increment/decrement cart items. No page reload necessary. Items gets updated instantly.

Ajax based Login

Ajax based login feature in checkout with options to add custom messages. Enable / Disable option available.

Cart Drawer Position

On the Side Cart & Floating Button option, the cart drawer position be set as Left to Right or Right to Left.

Flyout Icon

An animated flying icon after clicking the "Add to Cart" button. This can be set as Cart Icon or Product Thumbnail.

Toggler Design

From Option panel choose between two different Toggler Design examples: Floating Toggler or Sidebar Toggler.

Toggler Position

Toggler Position can be set to Left or Right. The vertical position can be set to Top, Middle & Bottom.

Quick View on Variable Product

A quick view option to select the variation of variable products and Cart-Checkout Instantly.

Ajax Cart on Single

Ajax Cart on Single Product page. Customer can checkout Instantly. Click here to see an example.

Complete Style Panel

Built in easy-to-use option & styling panel. You can play with any features & change colors of almost all the elements.

No Page Reload

No Page Reload! Customer will experience hassle Free One Page Checkout. Checkout can be finished within 10-15 seconds.

Speed Optimized

One click minification of CSS and JS Files. Option to enable Fanbox CDN.

Page Builder Support

Fully compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, WP Bakery, DIVI, Beaver etc.

Fully Responsive

Instantio is fully responsive and also supports touch on mobile devices.

Browser Compatible

Instantio is Compatible with All Modern Browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

Dashboard with Different Language Support (Coming soon on Pro)

Instantio (Previously WooInstant) Dashboard is  available in 7 Languages along with English:  Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian & Spanish

Why do you need an Instant Checkout?

Do you know, the Average shopping cart abandonment rate on Desktop is 69.57 Percent?

And, Mobile Users Have an Even Higher Abandonment Rate of 85.65 Percent?

That means, on an average, 7 out of 10 shoppers won’t complete their transaction. Such a data is quite disturbing for almost all e-commerce store owners.

A study conducted by Baymard Institute, Image courtesy
Image courtesy Baymard Institute

According to Baymard Institute’s research, “18% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter solely due to a too long / complicated checkout process”.

Experts claim that the best optimized checkout process has an abandonment rate of only 20%. That is where Instantio can help. Instantio is able to reduce your Cart Abandonment rate by minimizing the steps of WooCommerce Checkout process and convert it into WooCommerce One Page Checkout.

With it’s floating cart icon, it converts multi-step checkout into Same Page Instant CheckoutThe  checkout process would take only 10-15 seconds. Yes, you heard it right! Only 10-15 Seconds!

100% Compatible, 0% Bug

Instantio is compatible with all the most popular themes, page builders and plugins.

Lightning Fast Support

Our Superhero support team are always ready to assist you at any time through our Support forum.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 days full refund gurantee if you are not happy with our products, no questions asked.

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