Introducing WordPress Instant Articles
the ultimate plugin for the fastest user experience

Using advanced technologies and techniques like DNS Prefetch and Page Prerender,
WordPress Instant Articles loads posts in a snap. Improve reading experience today!

Speed Up WordPress

Go beyond server optimization and performance. Learn how to speed up your WordPress site today. Delight visitors with faster loading pages and less waiting. WordPress Instant Articles plugin uses advanced techniques like HTML5 DNS prefetch and Page Prerender to improve user experience.

WordPress Instant Articles works with all last generation browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11 with support for DNS Prefetching and Page Prerendering. It works on mobile sites too.

WordPress Posts Prerender

WordPress Instant Articles plugin intelligently pre-loads and pre-renders the latest two posts in the home page. When users click on the latest links the post loads in a snap. Everything happens automatically in the background. No WordPress server optimization required. Everything happens on the browser.

When visitors finish reading your post, they might click on the previous story or the next story. WordPress Instant Articles plugin automatically pre-loads and pre-renders posts based on rel="prev" and rel="next" to greatly improve user experience.

DNS Prefetch HTML5

Visitors of your website will likely click on links. WordPress Instant Articles DNS Prefetch tells the browser to pre-resolve specific domain names before users click on links.

The browser will no longer wait to resolve the domain names and load the content later. DNS Prefetch does all the job for you. Providing a faster and more intuitive web experience for visitors.

HTML5 Subresource

Using rel='subresource' the browser gets hints about high priority files it needs to load as soon as possible. Critial CSS or JavaScript files are a good example.

This feature enables early loading of resources within the current page. Because the resource is intended for use within the current page, it must be loaded at high priority in order to be useful.

Link prefetch

Using rel='prefetch' the broswer gets hints about files that the user might soon use. The browser downloads the files during idle time and stores them in the cache.

This feature enables proactive loading of resources the user will need in future pages. CSS or JavaScript files for reviews, gallery and video player plugins are good examples.

100% Compatible

WordPress Install Articles is compatible with all existing SEO and page caching plugins like WordPress SEO, All in One SEO Pack, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and more.

That's because WordPress Instant Articles talks directly to the browser, not the WordPress database, neither the WordPress Theme or other WordPress Plugins.

Simple Sample Post

Try WordPress Instant Articles now. Click on the Test button to experience the blazing fast loading speed on a simple post with images and text.

Complex Sample Post

Try WordPress Instant Articles now. Click on the Test button to experience the blazing fast loading speed on a complex post with images, text, galleries and video.